Low fees

Our fees are competitive, straight-forward, and transparent. We charge just one fee per booking, no matter how many changes are made to that booking.

We work tirelessly to drive down your company’s procurement costs and deliver better value for money.

Big savings

Along with low operating fees, we save our clients money by lowering travel costs, and by freeing up their personnel from hours of administration.

Providing vast savings over ‘published pricing’, we procure and negotiate special fares and exclusive supplier deals from over 60 websites, all comparison websites, all major car rental companies and airlines, and over 120,000 independent and chain hotels.

We aim to deliver overall cost savings of 15-20%, and savings of up to 30% with our exclusive business and first class fares.

Our negotiating and purchasing power has been developed over 35 years. We are a top 10 agency group in the UK for buying power and partner members of Advantage, the UK’s largest consortium of independent travel management companies with a buying power of £3bn.

We pass on this immense buying power, and exclusive Advantage-negotiated deals, to our clients, across all aspects of travel, extending to even the most complex itineraries.

Then, we go even further. We proactively secure route deals, free upgrades, free limousine services, special offers, and travel card points for our clients. We continuously advise on opportunities for further savings and report on the exact savings your company makes every month.

Too good to be true? It’s true. Get in touch for a quote and see how much you could save.


No call-centres. Harridge assigns you two dedicated travel consultants with 15 years’ experience and gives you their direct numbers.

We take pride in building relationships with our clients. When you call, you will always speak to someone who knows your exact requirements and preferences. So you won’t need to remind us that you prefer the aisle seat, or that your meeting rooms need to be ten minutes from the hotel.

Working with a small, stable team, you get to know us, too. In an industry synonymous with high levels of staff turnover, our team members have been with us, on average, for 15 years.


Need to create, cancel or alter a booking at the last minute? Missed your flight on a non-refundable ticket? We will be on hand, ready to help. We also provide 24 hour emergency assistance, 365 days a year.

Complex multi-sector itineraries are our speciality and we excel in finding cost-effective travel solutions for even the most atypical routes.


Established in 1983, Harridge has been at the forefront of an ever-changing industry for 35 years. Our senior consultants have over 25 years’ experience in the industry; our team members’ average experience is 15 years.

Over the decades we have built up relationships with all major airlines, car hire companies, hotels and travel providers worldwide, allowing us access to their very best deals. We have also evolved a creative, strategic, lateral-thinking approach to seeking out the most efficient ways to travel in terms of both time and cost.


We believe in the relentless pursuit of excellence in service quality, finding intelligent, creative and innovative travel solutions for our clients. Our staff expertise, use of technology, attention to detail, and diligent business processes all contribute towards a reliable, high-quality service.

We analyse every single request and offer only the very best option in terms of both quality and cost. From inception to completion every booking is quality assured and checked by travel experts with 35 years’ experience specific to the corporate travel sector.

As an independent company, we can deliver sound, unbiased advice and prioritise only our clients.

We maintain and improve our service standards through training, motivation and staff support and through continued investment and development programmes in travel technology.


Our consultants’ expertise and flexibility, along with our simple reporting structure and informal accessibility to senior management, give us a very quick turnaround time. We respond to all fare requests within one hour.


Harridge’s online booking system includes a wealth of tools to review, compare and amend air travel, car, and hotel bookings, as well as access to relevant travel information.

Meaningful consultancy

Our complimentary consultancy service, which includes strategic account management and reporting, proactively generates repeat savings and increased efficiency for our clients.

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