Darryll Beck Harridge has worked his way up from cleaner at Heathrow airport to Managing Director of his own successful travel company.

He got the travel bug at Heathrow’s Pan Am warehouse in 1974, watching Concorde take off just 100 yards away. Two years later, he became a courier for a travel company, excitedly collecting tickets from BA, AF, KL, SR, MH, SQ, and all the other major airlines.

But when he found himself waiting around a lot between pick-ups and drop-offs, he asked if he could help out answering the phone. A few months later, and Beck was taking bookings, appointed Reservations Clerk by his impressed manager. Two years later: Assistant Manager. ‘You’re not bad at this game!’ Beck recalls telling himself. ‘Why not have a go at setting up your own company?’

Thirty five years later, and he is still proud of Harridge, founded on the principles of integrity, service, expertise, and accountability, with trusting clients who actively recommend it to others.